EN772S is a camera processor for security camera system with MIPI-CSI2 receiver up to 1080p60. It supports various WDR(HDR) methods such as ‘Line by Line’, PWL and LFM based on an adaptive tone-mapping. It also features AI Digital Noise Reduction, Adaptive Contrast Enhancer equipped with AE/AF/AWB control to achieve high quality image. It has SDI transceiver that targets SDI long distance with EX-SDI technology and a high performance DAC enabling an analog HD encoder with embedded UTC circuit.


Input : MIPI CSI-2 DPHY 1/2/4 lane Max 1.5Gbps (RAW10,RAW12)
Output : EX-SDI, HD Analog
Package : 68 QFN (8x8)
Resolution : Max. 2M (Full HD)
Frame rate : Max. 2M 60p
Feature : WDR(Sensor dependent), LFM(Sensor dependent), AI-DNR, Up scaler(Up to 4~5M), AE, AWB.. ETC.

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